Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh no! Sally May!

Oh my gosh kids! All these large financial institutions are going out of business! People are losing money!

Not the rich. We are just fine. We keep all the money when the big company's that we run go out of business. All the crappy worker drones are the ones losing their jobs. Going home to their families and crying because they were too stupid to make it rich.

Don't you wish you had the money to take a private jet?

You can't even sell everything in your house to get one of the shirts.

Your poor. Just kill yourself. All you are ever going to be is a sad little worker drone.

Friday, June 20, 2008

There is no rich people recession.

I'm am so sick of all these poor people talking about how the economy is failing. Even the fake rich people are starting to get scared.

"Oh no! I lost my 1 million dollar savings account, now I'm poor!"

You were never rich in the first place you bum!
How do I know?
Because last week you still couldn't spend 400$ on a t-shirt.
Even when you had that million dollar back account!

400$ is nothing for a t-shirt. Its like buying a piece of gum at the checkout counter.
The middle class is getting so big that they think they can call themselves rich now.
It makes me want to puke. I don't want someone with such a low pay scale hanging out at my table.

So I say to all the rich people out there. Lets party like its 2099. Lets make all those poor suckers out there cry like it no tomorrow. Get rich or die trying fools!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Ready to Cry.

An actual rich person tried to buy the shirt! He gets on the website! So stop pouting and sending me e-mails saying you bought the shirt and didn't get your pic posted. Can't you get it right?!

Some fancy biologist. Next time unzip the jacket so we can see the shirt buddy!
Go cry in your one bedroom townhomes you losers! You want me to find out if your rich?
You know what to do!

Monday, June 16, 2008

You smell like the poor.

What did I tell you poor people? Try and buy my shirt and I won't post you on the website. I had freaking poor as people spending their hard earned money to buy my shirt. And your not getting on the site fools!! Your poor, I can smell it on you like shit on Captain Toilet.

So let me make this clear.

If you are rich and buy the shirt, I'll post you on here. So EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR RICH. Now if your poor and buy the shirt, you just wasted your money! I'm not posting fake rich people on here dork face. Fake rich people. AKA the poor.

I have some other stuff to rant about later. Peace out cheapos.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your not rich.

I'm sick off all these people pretending they have money. Most of everyone who will read this don't have crap. Sure maybe you have a couple of grand in the bank. It don't mean doo doo.
If you really had money you could BOOK A PRIVATE JET RIGHT NOW! But your poor so you wont. Yeah you heard me. Your poor. I'm sorry you don't know how to make money. Is that my fault?

If you have REAL money I will put you on my blog. Feature real rich people. Like me.

If you are really RICH. Then you don't have a problem with buying something for tons of money that normally would be cheap.

So if your rich. And if your rich, you know you are. Then you should have no problem buying a white t-shirt for 400$.

"400$ for a T-shirt?!" scream the poor.

400$ is nothing for us rich folk. Spending 400$ is like throwing away a used tissue.


Poor people, don't save your money trying to buy the shirt. I'll know if some of you bumbs get a hold of it.

So for now. Thats what it takes to get into the club. If any poor people try to get in. Its going to cost more.

I'm out of here. Talk to you cheapos later.

The videos are for rich people only!!

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